A collection of things we have mentioned somewhere.

Edith: a font

Edith is a handmade serif typeface that can be used for long texts. To make it even better suitable, it is equipped with all the major features you’d expect from a traditional text-font. For instance sensitive forms, old style figures (lining figures are accessible via an opentype feature), fractions and good kerning.

To keep up the handwritten appearance, two versions of each letter (A-Z & a-z with diacritics) and number are available and substituted automatically if the same ones meet.

The font is also nice to look at in larger sizes and therefore a great fit for any packaging, advertisement or headline.

This font-family is for you, if you plan on doing childish things, DIY things, traditional things, illustrated things, nautical things, grungy things or any handmade related things.

Edith is available on myfonts.com

Corso: a font

Corso is a clean condensed sans serif font family. It comes in upright, slanted and italic, in six weights each.

It includes useful typographic features such as fractions, ligatures and case sensitive forms. Also included are double- or single-storey versions of a and g, you can switch via stylistic opentype sets. Other letters with alternative forms accessible the same way are ß and ampersand.

Corso works especially great for larger size uses such as signage, headlines or posters. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t also useable for short texts, since it is pretty legible.

Corso is available on myfonts.com

Darlene: a font

Darlene is a sans with contrast and round corners. The absence of serifs results in a clean look, the contrast adds a touch of elegance and the soft edges help to keep it all friendly looking. So whenever you need to convey any of these traits, Darlene is perfect for you.

Mainly intended for headlines, logos, invitations or other display uses, this font family provides enough readability to be used for short texts, especially the lighter weights. This means that Darlene is great if you want to use it as a counterpart to a script or handlettering, or simply to juxtapose a more playful or kitschy font.

Darlene is available in three weights with italics and equipped with lots of accented characters to cover heaps of languages using the latin alphabet.

Darlene is available on myfonts.com